Noretron Components Ltd.

Noretron Components Ltd. was founded in 1995 in Espoo, where we still operate. We are part of the Yleiselektroniikka Group and since 2017 we have been an independent subsidiary of Yleiselektroniikka Plc. You can find the Yleiselektroniikka online store by clicking here. (

We import and sell high quality electromechanical components such as:

Audio and video connectors, cables and accessories for AV professionals and AV contractors
Electrical accessories
Fans and blowers for electrical and electronics industry
Step motors for electrical and electronics industry
Enclosure solutions the electrical and electronics industry
Sensor technology

From Yleiselektroniikka online store we are able to offer measuring & testing equipment, electronic components, tools, power supplies, batteries and much more, such as:

High quality and inexpensive multimeters
Large inventory of LED drivers and power supplies
Professional oscilloscopes
A wide range of thermal imaging cameras
High quality insulation resistance meters
Professional tools

Weller's products for soldering and Fluke measuring devices

In addition, numerous electrical accessories and cables are available, including:

HDMI Cables
DVI Cables
Displayport Cables

Rubber feet

The Yleiselektroniikka Group also includes Machinery Oy.

Machinery's range includes heavy equipment such as excavators, aerial platforms and scaffolding.

Our goal has always been to offer the best products at the right price, as well as customer-oriented service and technical know-how so that our sales team can help you find the right products from our wide range when needed.

Decades of experience and cooperation with the best-known manufacturers in the industry mean that you only get what works from us. Really.

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